Security & Commercial Fencing

Akita Fencing is committed to maintaining a well established reputation for being a professional commercial fencing contractor. Since we began specialising in commercial fencing, many clients have used us continuously on various industrial as well as agricultural projects. We provide long-lasting security solutions for industrial businesses, schools, sports facilities, shopping centres and government buildings.

Steel Palisade

Steel palisade fencing is very hard wearing, difficult to climb and more resistant to unwanted vandals. The shape and structure of the rails is unique, offering a very effective perimeter.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh fencing comes in the form of welded mesh or expanded metal mesh. It is extremely versatile and flexible for many uses such as sports facilities, schools, colleges and commercial businesses. In recent years weld mesh fencing has grown in popularity as it is extremely strong and durable, making it suitable for high security businesses and utility buildings. The security rating of this product varies between different types of fence starting with lower security ‘Pro 1000’ system and working up to Twinwire and Prison Mesh.


Chainlink fencing is good for strength and flexibility.
For additional security, anti-climb measures can be added to the top of the fence or directly onto buildings.

Site Hoarding

As part of Akita Fencing’s extensive services, we offer to our construction clients, we supply and install various sizes and types of site hoarding. Akita Fencing undertakes work on a wide range of commercial properties and large domestic sites and we can advise on and install a wide range of fencing.

Acoustic Barrier Fencing – Noise Reduction

To reduce the noise, we can supply and install acoustic barrier fencing at your business or residential property. As well as noise reduction, this type of fencing also offers the benefits of high level privacy.

Each type of fencing that we use is installed to industry standards and we use high quality materials and modern equipment.

Close Board and Hit & Miss Timber Fencing

Close board fencing is a practical and sturdy solid fence suitable for domestic and commercial fencing purposes. Close board fence panels are supplied with either wooden treated softwood posts or concrete mortised posts depending on requirements.

Alternatively Hit & Miss Timber fencing has gaps between the boards so is less obtrusive and also lets the wind through.