At the heart of Akita we pride ourselves on our three fundamental principles for our business.

Safety First


At Akita we want to be sure we offer a safe working environment for employees and the public. To do that, we ensure that all our staff are fully trained and have the relevant skills and attitude to work safely and correctly.
Whether we are in a heavy industrial setting, housing development or a farmer’s field, we undertake all our work in a safe and responsible manner, taking time to learn the core safety values of each site.

Don't Harm the Environment - Enhance It


All our work takes place outside, so we feel a duty of care to protect the environment. Decades of experience tells us what to look out for and how to protect the fragile ecology of the sites we work on. Where possible, we buy sustainable source materials from suppliers who share our passion for ecology. Best of all, we are familiar with environmental regulations so we can make sure that your site and project fulfil your obligations without last-minute delays or additional costs.

Work Means People


Openness starts before any contract with a free site survey. Our initial overview shows what we believe will be the best choice among the options. We are clear about budgets and costs as well as being realistic about timescales.
At Akita we will take the time to understand precisely what your project requires, taking into account schedules, budgets and timescales.
To make sure your deadlines are met, we work flexible hours whilst maintaining a meticulous standard. With a positive safety and environmental attitude, this adds up to a good quality service from start to finish. We are happy to guarantee the work we do.