Ecological and Mitigation Fencing

Akita Fencing has a vast amount of experience in installing ecological and mitigation fencing. We work closely with client ecologists, or with our own, to make sure all types of Ecological and Mitigation fencing is installed correctly within deadline and adhering to current legislation.
We can deploy a wide range of fencing services including:

• Reptile exclusion fencing
• Newt fencing
• Pit fall traps
• Drift and internal capture fencing for translocating animals
• Badger exclusion fencing, one and two-way gates
• Otter and vole exclusion fencing
• Soil erosion fencing
• Fencing inspection, maintenance and removal

Reptile or ecological fencing is one of the terms used when referring to a wildlife barrier to keep lizards and other amphibians in or out of a designated area.
Akita Fencing installs two main types of barrier fencing:
A temporary fence (normally green or clear), which can be used for drift fencing.
A permanent and more durable black fencing which is expected to last in excess of five years.
Other types of ecological fencing include otter and water vole fencing.