Agricultural and Equine Fencing

At Akita Fencing we are able to install an extensive range of Agricultural and Equine Fencing to our clients offering a wealth of experience. Akita knows how important it is to find the right fence for our clients to invest in and we believe our approach has helped us build a peerless reputation for choice, price, deadlines whilst always considering the environment.

Stock Fencing

This type of fencing is suitable for almost all types of stock, with many variations to suit every site. A variety of different posts can be used including untreated softwood for cost-effective temporary fencing or D.O.T. timber with a thirty year life expectancy. Chestnut posts can also be used for a long- lasting ecologically friendly fence.

Deer Fencing

To stop deer damaging crops and saplings, we install high tensile netting to make a strong fence.

Rabbit Fencing

Installing rabbit fencing will prevent damage to crops and young trees. The image above shows how rabbit fencing is used to protect cables under an inverter station on a solar farm.

Chestnut post and rail

This is an environmentally friendly fence because the wood comes from fully renewable sources with minimal transportation. Riven chestnut post and rail is one of the most popular types of agricultural fencing, producing a natural, rustic look. It is both aesthetically pleasing and comes from sustainable woodland.

Half-round and motorway post and rail

Milled half-round is a more symmetrical option but is more suitable for decorative purposes rather than strength. Alternatively square posts and rails can be used.

Horse Netting

Horse netting is typically higher than traditional stock fencing, featuring tight gaps in the wire which prevent horses’ feet becoming tangled. It is safe and secure and ideal when other livestock shares the same or neighbouring fields.

Stud Rail

Stud rail needs little maintenance and will look great for many years. Stud rail is chew-resistant and does not require painting or treatment and is rust-proof.

Poultry and pheasant pens

We can provide pheasant-friendly netting to our stock fences to give game birds free access, while restricting the movement of stock. We make game-bird release pens
and fox-proof enclosures for all types of poultry.