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Akita Fencing are a leading fencing contractor, based in the south east, dedicated to providing high quality fencing, security and access solutions. In addition to a wide range of fencing services’, Akita Land Management can offer a complete land management planning and creation service.

You will benefit from our high standards and excellent customer service in any agricultural, industrial, parkland, urban or large domestic project.  From concept to completion we leave no stone unturned when planning or executing a project.  All work is undertaken by experienced, qualified and fully insured staff using high quality materials and modern equipment. Akita Fencing has also established a close working relationship with reputable suppliers over the years, ensuring the benefits are passed on to our clients.

We work across many sectors including construction and infrastructure, heavy industry, government, rural, equine and domestic.

Recent News

Akita proud supporters of ‘Let the Children live’

At Akita Fencing we are proud to be supporting Let the Children Live! Let The Children Live! responds to the needs of children from the streets and shanty-towns of Colombia’s cities, and in particular the city of Medellín.  It aims both to safeguard the lives of... read more

Akita Fencing securing solar farm inverter stations

Akita Fencing have been working hard to secure inverter stations at a solar farm in Shuttleworth. A 2m high galvanised steel palisade has been installed around two inverter station. Rabbit fencing was installed to protect cables under inverter station against any four... read more

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